Jul 05, 2016
PCC Closed to Observe Independence Day
Jul 12, 2016
Jeff Sitz
Installation of 2016-17 President
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We meet Tuesdays at 12:00 PM
Portage Country Club $13.00 per person
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Club President's Message

News from Our Club
As promised, below are more ideas generated at the April 12th Table Talk session. 
Fundraising – Blake Babcock, Leader
Strengths:  Leadership:  Mella Castner; Simple:  The Four Way Test is an easy message to communicate to potential donors and members; Concrete:  Rotary Camp is a physical asset to show people; Radical:  There’s no other event like the Chili Open!
Priorities:  Develop Planned Giving; Maximize Chili Open Sponsorships; Clarify the Foundation’s Role; Hold more events at Camp to build awareness; Engage college and high school students.
Potpourri – Bob Pacanovsky, Leader
  • Narrow the focus on club’s service projects
  • Be more than a “wallet” and be willing to say No from time to time
  • Have a conversation with the Akron Public Schools about helping them out in other ways?  Possibly provide leaders and mentors for students?
  • Follow up with student scholarship recipients to provide any mentoring
  • Investigate awarding scholarships to local students study abroad. 
  • Get more members engaged with Rotary Camp; give more Camp updates at lunch; remind Rotarians about Thursday and Sunday Camp visits
Programs – Amanda Barna, Leader
Hold joint meetings with other groups, i.e. Kiwanis, Kent Rotary during Akron/Kent football game.  Have coaches or mayors speak.  Meeting location could alternate same as home game.
More field trips, especially Rotary Camp.
Bring back favorite past speakers: Terry Bowden- UA football coach, ABJ reporter who talked about Akron demographics (Price?)
Speaker Ideas:
  • Akron Children’s Hospital; the DWTS event was mentioned
  • Akron General CEO
  • Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan
  • Akron Public Schools - David James
  • Akron Snow Angels- Erin Victor
  • Akron Symphony Conductor/Detroit Conductor
  • Akron Police Chief James Nice
  • Bit Factory
  • Directors from ADM Board, DD Board, Children Services
  • Haven of Rest
  • Kyle Kutuchief
  • Leadership Akron - Mark Scheffler
  • LeBron James Family Foundation
  • New Goodyear CEO
  • Polar Bear Club
  • Summa CEO
  • Summit County Health Department
  • United Way- Jim Mullen
  • University of Akron
  • WAKR to give an update on what is happening in Akron, in Ohio and the region
  • Spotlight a Rotarian at each meeting allowing 3-5 minute presentations.
  • If it’s important to our community, Rotary should be engaged, i.e. heroin epidemic
Rotary International Foundation – Cathryn O’Malley, Leader
  • Educate Akron Rotarians about Rotary International (Quarterly)
  • What projects are there?
  • What’s our role in deciding on international projects?
  • Introduce new members to Paul Harris Fellowships – explain financial commitment and lottery.
  • Create new ways to give
  • Grow the International Committee
  • Where do Paul Harris Funds go?
  • Broaden fundraising beyond the Camp and Chili Open
  • Define local/district/international role in service projects and RI
  • Raise Akron Rotary’s service project awareness – focus on Internal speakers throughout the year.
Some of these terrific ideas are already becoming a reality!  Moving forward, President-Elect Jeff Sitz will transition into 2016-17 and even more will take shape.  Regardless of who’s leading Akron Rotary, the goal remains—create an amazing and personal fulfilling experience for Akron Rotarians!

The Board of Directors of the Akron Rotary Club met on June 147th.  Below is a summary the action approved:
Effective July 1st, a $5 non-eating fee will be charged of Rotarians who attending weekly luncheons.  Rationale:  there are costs associated with Rotary activities and luncheons beyond the food price such as room setup, beverages, room fees, etc.  Also, Portage Country Club is extremely flexible with our unpredictable attendance and meeting needs.  That along with free, convenient parking was motivation to continue meeting there.
Effective July 1st, an IT Sponsorship of $50 per week will be available. Sponsors get name and logo (or name if no logo submitted) on screen as part of the loop of announcements. Rationale: we’re charged for the projector and screen whether we use it or not, we’ll put it to use promoting Rotary activities and offer the sponsorship to offset the cost.
To move forward with the Akron Public Schools Partnership to help purchase instructional reading kits and to provide Rotarians to present the materials, provide on-going help reading, and share the Rotary ideals. This project will replace the Dictionary Project.  Rationale: APS identified a greater need and better impact for the reading kits. Funding is already in place.
President-elect Jeff Sitz is busy meeting with his leadership team preparing to lead the Club.  Jeff will be installed and share his vision at the Rotary Club meeting scheduled for July 12th
NOTE:  Akron Rotary will NOT meet on July 5th as Portage Country Club is closed to observe Independence Day.
Yours in Rotary Service - 

Please join us for a Thursday night cookout during Summer Camp.  It’s a great way to meet the counselors and campers and to experience our camp program first hand.
Dinner will be served at 6pm in the Pavilion.  Friends and Family are welcome too!
Dates are as follows - simply click on the date you want to attend and sign up online!!  If you wish to attend multiple weeks please register for each date accordingly.  RSVPs are needed please.
You can also RSVP by emailing Amanda – amandaw@akronymca.org or Eric – ericc@akronymca.org 

The purpose of Rotary Cares is to show our support for Akron Rotary members and their families when dealing with the loss of a loved one, the hardship of illness and also to celebrate the joy of a new baby, job, marriage or other event in their lives.

Congratulations to Sandy Naragon as she completes her year as President of The Rotary Club of Akron.

Congratulations to fellow Akrotarian Cheryl Warren, who completes her year as Rotary District 6630 Governor.

Best wishes to those who will follow each of these outstanding, dynamic women from our Club! 



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