Prospective Members Note: 
You may NOT propose yourself for membership. 

You must have a current member of Rotary sponsor you before
your application may be submitted for consideration.  Please contact us if you do not yet have a sponsor.


Advancing Professionally,
Making a Difference
4460 Rex Lake Drive
Akron, OH  44319
Phone:  330.644.4512
Fax: 330.644.1013
Since 1914, Rotary has been an integral part of our City’s commercial and philanthropic core.  Over 112 members strong, our members are leaders of industry and non-profit agencies, whose motto is “service above self”.
Internationally, Rotarians have pledged to eradicate the crippling disease, Polio. This pledge has resulted in a staggering decrease in cases, from 350,000 when we started vaccinating children in 1988 to under 1,000 in 2010. All estimates believe this devastating disease will be eliminated in 2012-2013.  Great ideas combined with powerful people and concerted, long term effort produces incredible results, and that is what we stand for at Rotary.
Locally, The Rotary founded and supports a Camp and Resource Center for Children with Special Needs (disabilities) which serves thousands of families each year and provides over $100,000 in scholarship for those who cannot afford to pay. One of our greatest successes is helping a 13 year old child communicate verbally for the first time. What an achievement!
If meeting great people, getting involved and making a huge difference interest you, come join us.
We can find the fit for YOU!