The Camp sits on six acres at Rex Lake, one of the Portage Lakes. The acreage was purchased by the Rotary Club of Akron in 1925 and the camp at Rex Lake has been fully operational since 1926. However, the Akron Rotary Camp actually began in 1924 when the Akron Rotary rented the YMCA camp for 10 days and called it the "Akron Rotary Camp for Crippled Children."

The purpose of the Rotary Camp is to provide a traditional camping experience for children and adults with disabilities while emphasizing socialization, independence, and entertainment.

The Rotary Camp Board consists of directors who serve a three-year term. Directors rotate on and off the Board at the beginning of each calendar year. The Directors elect their own officers for the Camp board which consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board handles, oversees and administrates the Camp facility.

Executive Director, Mella Castner, may be reached at 330-644-4512 or email