Posted by Jack and Vivian Harig on Nov 24, 2020
At our meeting on November 24th, Jack and Vivian Harig wanted to first remind our members to stay in contact with friends and members who may be experiencing an "All by myself" thanksgiving and be feeling very lonely.  (Be sure you read the article above about our Club Operation Holiday Outreach)
Second, is a request to reach out to family and friends of military veterans (should also include 1st responders) to see how they are doing. Especially combat veterans and first responders are at an ever increasing rate of suicides.
According to the VA,  it had previously averaged 22 suicides per day for active and post service members.  The rate is now reported to be up to 25 - 26 per day.
In addition - here is a photo of the Witness Tree at Fairlawn, others are in Green, Tallmadge, Wadsworth, Summit County Court House.
First responders are a growing part of this group as well as front line medical workers.
The second photo shows the hanging of 22 dog tags a day on a memorial sculpture of a tree that is done each day from 1 November through Veterans day when there are 242 tags on the tree. The shows attendees 11 Nov 2020.
The bottom line is to be a friend, remember a friend, and call a friend to see how they are doing.

Yours in the Spirit of Rotary 

Jack and Vivian