Posted by Susan Colville-Hall
Our District 6630 Rotary Youth Exchange students had an assignment to work in pairs to capture the best image of “Winter in Ohio - Local natural wonder.”  The photos were taken at The Akron Rotary Camp.  Our students have shown so much creativity!!  
by Ada Bícego (Brazil) and Jacob Weitman (Outbound)
by Patitta Kitcharoenchai (Thailand) and Gwendolyn Estep (Outbound)
by Lea Lafond (France) and Natalie Sadkova (Czech Republic.)
by Ana Crespan Fontenla (Spain) and Austin Brewster (Outbound)
by Jacob Scharnweber (Germany) and Eduardo Nunes Machado Flore (Brazil)
by Sotaro Yamaski (Japan) and Patrick Culliton (host brother of Sotaro)