Posted by Graham Reinke on Nov 29, 2017
The Akron Rotary Foundation (ARF) was established in 1992 to acquire, grow, manage and distribute the funds needed to support the Rotary Camp and the many projects and activities undertaken by the Rotary Club of Akron.  It is one of the three major components of our Akron Rotary organization. 

Several weeks ago ARF President Jim Redmond, and Treasurer Dan Riemenschneider gave a 25th Anniversary Presentation to the Rotary Club of Akron membership to describe the Foundation’s function and purpose.  It included:
  • Articles of Incorporation,
  • Mission Statement
  • Financial Goals
  • Historical highlights
Much of the presentation material will soon be available for review on the Akron Rotary website.  Rotarians are also invited to submit questions they may have regarding ARF directly to Foundation President, Jim Redmond. ARF will also begin to issue reports periodically that focus on specific ARF functions, activities, objectives, and updates on our progress.
With this and future reports we intend to clarify what options are available to donors and how the funds are managed:
  • Donors may designate how their donation is to be used, i.e.:  Rotary Camp Operations; a Camp l building project; a specific Club project or activity. Funds will be booked and distributed accordingly.
  • Funds reside in accounts at ACF (Akron Community Foundation) and Huntington National Bank where they are invested to produce income.  A predefined portion of this income may be used to support ongoing needs.
  • Grants for our Rotary Club Projects and Community Benefits totaled $214,459 on 9/30/2017 (including the $200,000 payment for the Camp’s purchase of adjacent land).
  • ARF net assets on 9/30/2017 were $1,640,807.
We urge Akron Rotarians to consider making a special year-end donation to ARF in celebration its 25 years of service to Rotary, and to the community.
We will be back with more news in 2018 and extent our best wishes to all for a wonderful holiday season.