Our breakfast crew from the Rotary Club of Akron prepares vittals for the District 6630 Rotary Exchange Students Overnight Training weekend.  8 Inbounders, 4 Outbounders and 2 Rebounders and  the RYE training team were present.  Wow!  What a gourmet delight!  Thank you, Emily Patterson, Jacinto Núñez, Laura Fink and Doug Hausknecht.  How nice to wake up to enjoy eating in the U.S.
Sotaro Yamaski and Patrick Culliton (Sotaro’s new host brother work on a cultural grid activity. 
Jacob Weitman signs Ana Crespan Fontenla’s flag as RYE students share in internationalizing this event.
Ana team and Sotaro’s team compete in tower building contest using spaghetti and marshmallows in which each team member was assigned a different cultural role to assume during the project.  The end goal was to build the tallest, sturdiest tower while behaving under cultural norms that might be foreign to the student.