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Weekly Club Meetings are currently being held virtually via ZOOM.
We meet at Noon each Tuesday. 

Our Speaker Tuesday, February 23, 2021

"Feed Your Soul"
Executive Chef, Private Chef, TV Chef

She has a unique fusion style of cooking, blending different cultures together. Her hard work and dedication has brought her to where she is today. In 2013, Roshni was awarded “Chopped Champion” on the hit Food Network show Chopped. That same year she was also the first chef in Boston to introduce healthy restaurant-style quality food into college campuses and was featured in the Boston Globe newspaper. This triggered the healthy food scene throughout colleges in Massachusetts. Roshni’s wide travels, vast knowledge and hunger for the culinary world has awarded her as being one of the top 5 Indian chefs in USA by India Currentsmagazine in 2016. In 2014, Roshni was invited to be the featured chef for Masala, Mendhi, Masti in Canada, North America’s largest South Asian festival. In 2012, Roshni was a contestant on the very popular FOX TV show Hell’s Kitchen with Michelin Star chef Gordon Ramsay. She was the only chef among 18 that Chef Ramsay addressed as a “passionate, well-rounded chef that blended flavors magically." In 2014 and 2015 Chef Gurnani was award the best taste award for the Austin wine and dine festival as well as first place in the taste of British Virgin Islands. In 2014 Roshni traveled to Haiti to participate in the Food Fete representing her Indian heritage.

She was awarded 2016 Top Chef Las Vegas by Las Vegas food and wine festival. In 2017 Roshni participated in the hit Food Network show Cut Throat Kitchen. Chef Rosh was also invited to The Mohegan Sun "Sun Fest Wine festival 2017” as a celebrity chef among Chefs such as Aaron Sanchez, Mario Batali and Todd English. One of Chef Roshni’s most recent travels was when she was invited to cook at the James Beard House in New York City where she created a 7 course vegetarian meal reflecting her Indian heritage. In 2019 Roshni appeared on the Food Network hit show Beat Bobby Flay, where is again presented Indian food, putting it on the map nationally. In June 2019 Roshni participated in the 18th annual James Beard Bootcamp In Glynwood New York. October 2019, Roshni went back to the James Beard House in NY to create a Diwali 7 course Meal. 

Apart from having her traveling, Chef Roshni has her own catering and consulting company, as well as, a published cook book author. Chef Roshni believes "food is a journey, not a destination."   View more about Chef Rosh. 

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Club News
Club Welcomes Two New Members

Welcome to The Akron Rotary Club
Steve Bossart and Zach Prosser!

Steve Bossart was sponsored by Julie Brandle.  Steve has been attending our meetings routinely before his induction.
He is the Vice President of Business Development and Marketing for Coleman Professional Services and has over 30 years of professional experience, his past 14 years were in the healthcare and behavioral health industries.
At Coleman, he leads a team that includes regional development and marketing executives and grant writing staff.  He is also charged with exploring avenues to expand the Coleman business throughout the state.
He has an established history in the nonprofit sector of our community and is very passionate about community service and philanthropy.  
Julie wrote, "Steve embodies the word service. He is optimistic and enthusiastic about serving others".

Steve is very involved with his fraternity, Delta Chi, and serves as an alumni advisor.
He is married to Lorrie and they have two young children.
Steve earned a degree in Public Relations from Kent State University and a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

Zachary (Zach) Prosser is not new to the Akron Rotary Club, he was a member of our Club previously but had to step away temporarily and is thrilled to be back. 
He was originally sponsored by Sam Lupica and recently, Tom Knauer helped him get back into our Club.
Zach and his wife Heather life in Stow.  He leads a very busy professional life.  He has completed his tenure as the president of a nonprofit coaching organization, and now remains active as Lead Pastor in North Hill at Celebration Church. He also founded Zach Prosser Coaching and is a Master Facilitator and Coach Trainer. 
As a trainer, Zach provides International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved coach training to those desiring to utilize coaching skills either professionally as a coach or those looking to advance their skills in leadership.  He received the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Young Leader Award (Prague) and the ICF Chapter Recognition Award (Dublin).
In addition, he is now the Director of Coaching & Coach Training for Emerge in Akron.
He shared that he "always enjoyed being a part of  Rotary and the projects and is looking forward to re-engaging and serving". 
Mark Your Calendar to Have Some Virtual Fun Friday Feb. 19th!!

Manhattan Valentine's Day
virtual Akron Rotary Social

To call in:  

ID 828 3137 9129

Connor Jarvis will be our host and below is his Manhattan ingredient list with snack suggestions.
Don't drink Manhattan's?
hat's okay...
have your favorite beverage on hand and
come to enjoy a little social time!

Connor’s “go-to” Manhattan ingredient list:
  • Bourbon or Rye Whiskey
    • A non-wheated or more “rye” forward Bourbon is preferred (i.e. not Weller, Larceny, etc.)
    • Connor likes high-quality, low-mid to mid-priced labels that are readily available / easy to find for my Manhattans (such as, Four Roses Yellow Label, Elijah Craig, Woodford Reserve, Knob Creek (Bourbon), Evan Williams Single Barrel, Templeton Rye) – I save the Buffalo Trace, Weller, Eagle Rare, Henry McKenna, etc. for sipping, not mixing
  • Sweet Vermouth
    • Connor’s pick: Carpano Antica Formula or Carpano Punt e Mes
  • Bitters
    • Angostura Aromatic bitters are my classic, but feel free to get creative here to add some expression to the cocktail (for example, I used cranberry bitters around the holidays)
  • Cherries
    • Please, please, please don’t just use a “run-of-the-mill” maraschino cherry – this isn’t a Shirley Temple
    • Connor’s pick: Luxardo Brand , Fabbri Amarena, or Bada Bing
  • Martini Glass or Rocks (lowball) Glass
Accompaniments / Snacks:
  • Spiced nuts
  • Pretzels
  • Crackers
  • Sharper cheeses
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip
  • Flatbreads
  • If a meal: steak, chops, pasta
Follow-up from VP of National Federation of Independent Business 
The Rotary Club of Akron had the opportunity to learn about the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) at our February 16th Club Zoom meeting.  Watch our meeting video by clicking here.
Our speaker, Roger R. Geiger is Vice President/Ohio Executive Director for NFIB, managing the public policy, political, member activism and communication programs
throughout the state. He also represents NFIB with national policy organizations.
So, what is NFIB?
NFIB is the voice of small business, advocating on behalf of America’s small and independent business owners, both in Washington, D.C., and in all 50 state capitals. NFIB is a nonprofit (501.c.6), nonpartisan, and member-driven. Since their founding in 1943, NFIB has been exclusively dedicated to small and independent businesses and remains so today. NFIB has 350,000 members nationwide.  There are 21,000 Ohio members and 409 members in Summit County.  Membership eligibility is for small businesses with 25 employees or less and revenues of $2,000,000 or less.
There are over 1,000,000 small businesses and an additional 650,000 individuals who are self-employed.  Eight out of Ten small businesses have less than 25 employees.
70% of us had our first job opportunity working for a small business. 75% of small business employers grew up within 50 miles of where their business is today.
Two out of three new jobs are created by small businesses.
What Does NFIB Do?
When a big issue affects small and independent businesses, NFIB is there. They have been for over 75 years and will continue to be.
NFIB has an ear to the ground on what’s happening in Washington, D.C., and the state capitals. That puts NFIB at the forefront of advocating on today’s most pressing small business issues, such as taxes, healthcare, and regulations.
When NFIB speaks, legislators listen. They know that NFIB brings them the voice of small business. 
That voice, hundreds of thousands strong, comes directly from NFIB’s members and their research—combined, they make a powerful and influential case for their advocacy.
Because of NFIB’s credibility, they are asked to bring the small business perspective to Congress, state capitals, the courts, and the media. 
NFIB works with trusted providers to offer quality products and services that can save your business time and money.
The vast majority of small business owners have been very concerned about the survival of their businesses as well as the safety of themselves and their employees .  Clearly there is a need to support the small businesses as part of the various COVID Relief programs.  Ohio has received approximately $8 billion in COVID Relief from the Federal government.
Seventy-five percent of small businesses in Ohio have been able to remain open.
Although the past year had the pandemic, there was a record number of start-up businesses this past year.  Over 17,000 businesses started up.  People are willing to take a risk.   Individuals may have lost their jobs because of COVID – 19 and decided to take their skill set and start their own business.
The average start-up cost for a new business is $5,000.  Annual membership for NFIB varies but average is $230 annually.
Want More Information?
To learn more about NFIB and their policy agenda on Taxes, Health Care, Labor, Economy and Regulatory Reform, I encourage you to check out their website at You can also reach the NFIB office at 614-221-4107.
Akron Rotary Foundation & Rotary Members Helps Refugio de Ancianos San Cristobal in Medellin 
Claudine Schooley shared the following thank you sent to the Foundation and Club Members.  The report of how the funds were used along with photos are also included below their  thank you.

Rotary Club of Akron
District 6630 Ohio
Mrs. Claudine Schooley
Dear Rotarians,
As legal representative of the Refugio de Ancianos San Cristobal in Medellin I wanted to express my deepest appreciation for your kind donation to our institution.
Your donation is very important and will help us maintain a dignified and brighter life for our 60 seniors, all of them coming from a previous life of neglect and abuse.
Please remit our appreciation for your generosity to the members of your club.
Warm regards
Teléfono 216 16 58 - 216 16 40
Nit 890 984 879-8
Personería Jurídica 12191
Report on the $500 donation from Akron Rotary Foundation
When Claudine Schooley first reached out to me about a donation to buy food for families on the dam where the Alberto Chedrani School is located, they were suffering from the pandemic. Many people lost their jobs, others could not even leave the area due to government restrictions.
Then, in November, two tropical storms impacted Honduras within 10 days. The general area of the dam was among the hardest hit, and thousands of families lost everything in the floods.
2020 was a truly tragic year, and this year will be complicated, too. This is why I am so happy and grateful for your donation of $500 for food for poor families on the dam. It brings a ray of hope in a time of great suffering. Thank you so much for allowing us to serve.
With the funds, equivalent to 12,192 Lempiras, we purchased 300 lbs of rice, 200 lbs of beans, 50 lbs of coffee, 82 lbs of sugar, 144 lbs of wheat flour, 75 lbs of spaghetti, 50 lbs of fat, 50 tomato sauces and 270 lbs of corn flour. This is the basic Honduran diet. The kids at El Refugio packed 50 bags for equal number of families. We think that each bag feeds a family of six for up to a week.
We distributed the bags all along the dam, all the way from the beginning to the school. We handed one bag to each mother or grandmother present and took many pictures.
I hope you can feel how happy these families are to receive your gift.
Again, thank you so much for your kind donation.

Your health and safety is
important to us.

Our thoughts are with all of you and our sincere appreciation goes out to every individual working to help keep us safe and healthy.

If you or someone you know wants to share news with us
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Club Strategic Plan Follow-up from our Assembly
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