The New Member Engagement Plan (NMEP)
A pathway to becoming a fully engaged contributing member of Rotary
The purpose of the New Member Engagement Plan is to bring together the New Member, all of the members of the Akron Rotary Club, and the Rotary staff so as to fully realize the strengths of the New Member and to integrate him/her into the life of Club and thereby maximize their contributions to the Rotary Club.   The importance of the Rotary NMEP arises from the need to both welcome New Members fully into the life of the Club and provide them with a pathway to becoming a fully engaged contributing member. 
A minimal standard for Rotary membership is the payment of dues and attendance at weekly meetings.  However, in order to successfully meet Rotary's goals in the community, it is necessary that all members exceed the minimum requirements for membership and become engaged so as to strengthen and enhance the Rotary Club's contributions to the Community. 
The pathway to full engagement for each New Member requires participation by both the New Member and the members of the Rotary Club.  The New Member and the Club members form a team who are together focused on the successful engagement and retention of New Members.  The goal of the team is to achieve full engagement for each New Member.  Fulfillment of the Rotary NMEP begins with identifying the strengths, preferences and interests of each individual New Member and bringing those characteristics together with the activities and needs of the Rotary Club.
The development of the Rotary NMEP begins with the New Membership Orientation meeting which, in addition to presenting the history of Rotary International, the Akron Rotary Club and an initial introduction to the Club, its leadership and its activities, includes a presentation and initiation of the Rotary NMEP.
The Rotary NMEP is a first year plan outlining the New Member's objectives and activities to be reported to the club membership at a regular meeting by the New Member and their key support person within 12 months. 
I.  New Member Centered Planning
1.    Identification of the New Member's strengths, skills, previous volunteer experience,  preferences and interests are to be documented. 
2.    In order to ensure that the Rotary NMEP is New Member focused and successful, he/she should identify what is most important to them and what they seek to attain through their volunteer Rotary activities.
3.    The New Member should consider and document how best to involve his/her spouse, significant other and/or other immediate family members in Rotary.
4.    Identification by the New Member of the Club support they believe he/she will need in order to become a fully engaged and successful member of the Club.
5.    The NMEP is to be documented on the New Member’s ClubRunner account.
I.  Beginning the Engagement Process
1.    Attending a New Member Orientation Program and beginning the process of developing a Rotary NMEP.
2.    Identification of an active Rotarian to serve as a key support person in the development and facilitation of the Rotary NMEP.  This may be the New Member's sponsor or another Rotarian and should be finalized at the New Member Orientation meeting or very soon thereafter.  
3.    Introduction to the general membership at a regular meeting of Rotary with a vote of acceptance and a commitment to supporting the New Member's membership and engagement in the Rotary Club.

II.  Pursuing the Goal of Full Engagement
Objectives and Activities
1.   Meet and interact with the Club leadership, i.e., Rotary Club President, Rotary Board, Foundation Board, and each Rotary Committee, i.e., membership, public relations, club administration, service projects, camp and Chili Open.
2.   Selection within 1 month of the New Member's acceptance into the Club of a committee s/he would like to join.
3.   Establish objectives for the first year of membership.  They should include up to six of the following items under either sections a or b:
      a.  In relation to Club support:
           -  Attend the New Member Orientation (required);
           -  Attain perfect attendance at weekly meetings;
           -  Attend the President's gala;
           -  Attend the December Holiday Party;
           -  Volunteer to be a Salvation Army bell ringer;
           -  Serve as a Club greeter;
           -  Serve as a Club invocator;
           -  Propose a New Member;
           -  Interview students for scholarships;
           -  Host an exchange student;
           -  Entertain an exchange student;
           -  Regularly visit the Rotary website and keep your information updated. 
           -  In relation to the Rotary Camp, donate on your birthday;
           -  Attend a Thursday evening dinner with the campers; 
         -  Attend the Annual Camp Cookout
         -  Volunteer for camp cleanup;
      b.  In relation to the Chili Open, the New Member may:
           -  Recruit sponsors;
           -  Donate a $500 campership;    
-  Attend the Chili Open and or bring guests;
           -  Serve on the Committee;
           -  Donate door prizes;
           -  Act as a volunteer to assist with the event setup or post clean-up needs;
           -  Sell raffle tickets;
           -  Purchase an ad for the New Member's business;
           -  Sell ads;
           -  Be a sponsor.
4.   Establish an objective for future service:
      a.  Chair a committee;
      b.  Serve as a key support person for a New Member or Members;
      c.  Serve as a club officer;
      d.  Serve on the Club board;
      e.  Serve on the Camp board;
      f.   Serve on the Foundation Board;
      g.  Become a Paul Harris Fellow;
      h.  Serve as an Assistant District Governor;
      i.   Serve as a District Governor.
5.   Objectives related to Akron Rotary Foundation:
      a.   Donate to the Akron Rotary Foundation;
      b.   Make a bequest;
      c.   Name the Foundation "in lieu of flowers" in your obituary.
6.   Objectives related to Rotary District and Rotary International Foundation;
      a.   Attend a District Conference;
      b.   Serve on a District Committee
      c.   Donate to the Rotary International Foundation.
7.   The NMEP is to be completed within 60 days of the New Member orientation meeting.  Both the New Member and the key support person are to sign the Rotary NMEP signifying that both are the New Member and the key support person are committed to the successful accomplishment of the NMEP. Within 12 months they are to report to the Club Membership the successful completion of the New Members initial year.